Like music genres or architecture, local beer tastes and traditions can vary wildly between towns and countries. For the beer lover hell-bent on experiencing them all, Travel + Leisure provides detailed, frequently updated coverage of where to go, what to drink, and how to spend your time between sips. Craft beer enthusiasts will pore over our dispatches from the world’s most dynamic beer scenes, including informative brewery tours, as well as cities with rich brewing history and a penchant for locally made beer.The beer experienceThe one thing America’s best cities for beer have in common is an unabashed obsession for quality beer. What differs from place to place is the vibe: sports lovers knocking back glasses in a baseball stadium is a far different scene than a prize taproom that pairs house brews with local fish tacos and ceviche. For a personalized, curated experience, go in-depth and schedule a brewery tour to discover under-celebrated local stouts, pilsners, and ales. In warm-weather spots like Albuquerque and Austin, linger outdoors while sipping a craft beer and admiring skyline views.Throughout the U.S. and internationally, Travel + Leisure tracks down bars with the widest variety of craft beer—many with over 50 taps to choose from. Whether you go to mingle with locals or work your way down the menu, beer remains the sole focus at these beloved bars, tasting rooms, and beer halls. As an added bonus, you’ll come away well-versed about the local brewing culture—whether it’s discovering newcomers that are lighting up the beer scene gaining new knowledge about hop-growing regions around the country.Attend a beer tastingSpecial-access brewery tours offer intimate glimpses into the brewing process. A bottle won’t teach you anything about how beer gets made. Why not enroll in a craft beer tour led by a regional beer connoisseur or brewer?Beer festivals are yet another way to make beer the focus of your next vacation. Find the season’s most exciting beer events, bringing together suds lovers for home-brewing lessons, live music, and plenty of chances to sample newer, more experimental brews. At brewery tours and beer-themed festivals, you’ll meet the entrepreneurs churning out some of the most original beer today. As you plan your trip, let Travel + Leisure be your guide to the rich, diverse beer cultures around Europe, America, and more.

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