Doulove Passport and Vaccine Card Holder Combo

This Vaccine Card and Passport Holder Is Perfect for Travel — and It's Just $7

Shop it in 28 colors.
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When the middle of winter strikes, you might find yourself looking ahead to warmer days and spring and summer travel. If you're in the mood to start prepping for spring break and summer vacations, one of the items you will want to have on hand is a vaccination card protector. But what can make the piece even more useful is if it can double as a holder for your passport, too. Amazon shoppers have already completed the search and test for you, and more than 1,300 shoppers rate this $7 vaccine card and passport holder with five stars. 

The Doulove vaccine card and passport holder is designed to allow both of these travel must-haves to safely tuck inside. When closed, the holder is 5.5 by 4.2 inches, and the interior slot for your vaccination card measures 5.2 by 3.5 inches (a typical card is 4 by 3 inches). Not to mention, the secondary pocket is designed for the back cover of your passport to slide into, and, similar to other cases, this one will also fold closed. 

To buy:, $7 (originally $12)

"Brilliant is the best word to describe these passport holders," wrote one five-star reviewer, who recently used her dual holder on a cruise where both her passport and vaccine card had to be shown repeatedly. "This wallet provides a clear protective place for the vaccine card and a pouch for the passport. Both the TSA agent and the cruise line attendant commented on how awesome these wallets were. I can't recommend these highly enough for anyone traveling where both a vaccine card and passport are required. Wallet seems extremely durable and is just the perfect size."

Because style is often as important as function, the vaccination card protector is available in 28 different colors, including neutrals, pastels, neons, and even metallics. Because both items that it will hold are some of the most important ones you own, it's worth highlighting that the cover is waterproof and easy to clean should it come in contact with any liquids while you travel. 

To buy:, $7 (originally $12)

"The attractive price drew me to these," said another shopper. "They're such good quality. Vaccine cards and passports fit perfectly inside. [I] ordered more for family members!"

As more places and destinations require both a passport and vaccination card to enter, a simple and on-sale cover that protects both is a travel essential. Shop for a cover for yourself, or grab a few for your whole family while they are under $10.