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5 Tips To Get Back To Routine Post Quarantine

It is reasonable to be overwhelmed right now, as we start to embrace this new way of life. Getting back to our old routines after almost 6 months of nationwide lockdowns across continents, can be quite intimidating. We bring you a few tips to keep calm as we start to go back to our routine.   

1. Give essential oils a try

Aromatherapy has personally been a lifesaver for me this lockdown. There are variations available in the market for different purposes. Forest Essentials Stress Relief has been a discovery for me, with dominating tones of peppermint and lavender. Just make sure you dilute your essential oils.

Essential Oils

2. Meditate

So much has been already written and said about the benefits of meditating that whatever I say is just overwriting. Only 15 minutes of your morning time is all I can say. If it is too much for you how about 5 mins? However, I would insist on doing this on a daily basis. There is only one key to obtain magical benefits of meditation and that is consistency.


3. Take a token to work

Many of us have started going to our work spaces, and suddenly Mondays’ aren’t that blue after all. If you are one of those and trying to fit into your space, you can ornament your desk with a token. It can be anything- a photograph, a card, a vase, a toy or even something as simple as your diary. Show the world your DIY skills honed during lockdown, because we have all been there and done that. 

workspace for back to routine

4. Hobby time is happy time

Cooking, gardening, painting or music, there was something good that did come out of this after all. A long forgotten hobby helping you survive the pandemic. Try giving at least 30 minutes of your time to your beloved hobby that you honed this quarantine. Maybe a couple of days a week is all that’s needed.


5. Wear a MASK and maintain SOCIAL DISTANCE

I know when I say that I sound like an old woman with amnesia. But considering the times we live in this has somehow become our motto of 2020 – eat, sleep, wear a mask & repeat.  

social distance during back to routine