Need to squeeze in a few hours of quality retail therapy on your trip? Our guides to the best shopping will tell you which spots are worth your time—and why. With our team of experts covering all the major cities, as well as far-flung spots like Maui, Bali, and Portland, Oregon, we've mapped out the best shopping around the world, whether you've got a few hours or a few days to peruse. Find the best shoppingShop Asian night markets and Europe's top luxury department stores, as well as smaller, off-the-beaten-path outposts, where you're guaranteed to take home one-of-a-kind items. We'll even help you decide what to buy: we've selected a team of experienced travelers, all with impeccable taste, to scour every boutique shop, outdoor bazaar, and vintage retailer. The result of their searches are written out in handy shopping guides, categorized by city and type of item (fashion, beauty, travel accessories, and more).Pick the best souvenirSometimes, all that matters is tracking down one truly unique, inspired gift. With our guides to the best shopping, take a piece of your trip home with you. Hone in on souvenirs that tell a story about their destination. Whether it's an essential perfume shop in Paris, the best pickled peaches in Atlanta, or Hawaii's most sought-after seashell jewelry, we'll send you off bursting with ideas about what to bring home. Whatever your interests, our extensive coverage on boutique shops and artisan studios will have you buying extra luggage just to accommodate all your new purchases. Get in on the latest fashionsContinually updated, our thoughtfully curated fashion guides have become a go-to resource on newly opened shops, buzzy retail neighborhoods, and must-have products. Speaking to local designers, photographers and tastemakers, we've got useful tips on shopping for vintage jewelry, finding designer menswear in Tokyo, and bringing home chic edible gifts from foodie towns like Charleston and Toronto. As far as international fashion is concerned, we've got you covered.

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