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Solo travel at its best is deliciously self-indulgent: eat whatever and whenever you want, spend as long or as little as you like in a place, skip famous sights, sign up for the super cheesy. It's a time where the only compromises you have to make are with yourself. People traveling by themselves will find they are, in some cases, pushing themselves a little harder, in others, giving themselves a little more slack. Travel + Leisure's editors and contributors travel solo often, by chance and by design, and know the best tips and tricks for social butterflies and shrinking violets alike.

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How I Learned to Travel With PTSD
Travel can bring great joy, opening one's eyes to things they may never know or experience otherwise. But when traveling with PTSD, it can also pose a lot of unforeseen challenges.
The Liberating Power of Solo Travel As a Trans Woman
Solo travel as a transgender woman can be a joyful, liberating experience — here's one writer's experience.
Why I Chose This Small Town in the Dominican Republic As My First Solo Travel Destination
Here's how a trip to Michès, a remote town in the Dominican Republic, helped me appreciate the gift of solo travel.

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